Advantages and Disadvantages between electric and Diesel forklift trucks


You are embarking on that home improvement project. What you need is not a loan, but a forklift. What? Yes, a powered industrial truck is of great help to homeowners who are running a complete home renovation project. A lift vehicle comes in handy when loading and unloading construction material and carrying heavy objects, like furniture and appliances. What is more, a forklift gives you the space you need. The question is now what type of forklift do you choose. There are many forklift types, so the choice is not exactly easy. If you need to transport heavy objects and materials, you have to pick the right type. Electric and diesel models are the most popular ones. Each one of them is designed for specific applications.

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Electric forklift trucks advantages and disadvantages

Largely considered environmentally friendly, electric forklifts have zero tailpipe emissions. This means that lift trucks are safe and that there are no adverse effects on you, your neighbours or the environment. You do not have to worry about poisonous exhaust. Another considerable advantage of electric-powered industrial trucks is that they are very quiet. They produce very little noise during operations, so the neighbours will not be complaining about commotion. Due to the fact that they are compact, electric-generated lift trucks can get around tight spaces, not to mention that they are easy to operate.

Electric forklifts may be able to meet performance expectations, but they are expensive. You pay a high price tag. If you forget to recharge the powered industrial truck, you will not be able to use it. It is necessary to install a battery charging station and charging takes about 8 hours. If you want to get your home improvement project done fast, the electric-powered forklift is not a good option.

Diesel forklift trucks advantages and disadvantages

Diesel forklift need diesel fuel to run. The great news is that these lift trucks are more affordable than electric-powered ones. You will hardly break the bank when you purchase one. Diesel-powered lift vehicles are ideal for outdoor applications, being able to operate in wet as well as in damp weather. Although they require more space to manoeuvre, the lift trucks improve productivity. Since they are depleted from batteries, diesel forklifts get more work done and they provide more torque output compared to other options.

Unfortunately, diesel models emit toxic exhaust fumes. If you do not want to pollute the atmosphere, you have to purchase costly emissions accessories. Since they are bigger in size, diesel forklift trucks cannot work their way around corners and tight spots. Is that all? Yes, they require a lot of storage space.

Which type of forklift truck is best suited for your home improvement project?

The only person who can answer this question is you. You have to determine what is it that you want to accomplish with the lift truck. When making a choice, take into consideration the aforementioned points. Most importantly, do not rush into making a decision. If you pick the wrong type, your home improvement project will have to suffer.