Ask your real estate agent these questions before hiring them


If you decided that it is the time to sell your house, then you probably have many questions for your real estate agent. The main question is how much you will be able to get for your house. But you may also be concerned on the commission you will have to pay to the agent. However, if it were to talk with an agent, you will find that the majority of sellers do not ask additional questions, and they hire the agent who asks the lower fee. Many people hire the agent on their gut feeling and their appearance. Well, you should know that it is advisable to read at least the reviews offered by specialists, before signing a contract, because in YOPA’s review, for example, you will find all the details you need to know on the way the agency works, and if it is considered a reliable company or not.

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How do you intend to market the listing of my house?

In case you do not want to work with a cash property buyer, then you should know that it is essential to market your house if you want to sell it. Actually, this is the job of the real estate agent you hire. So, it is important to ask the agent on their plan to market your property. In this way, you will see if the agent has a plan to get you a great number of potential buyers, or he or she does not make a priority from selling your house. Therefore, you have to find what your agent’s marketing listing philosophy is and what they plan to do after they take your listing. On sites like YOPA you can find details on the philosophy of the agency.

How do you represent the both parts of the transaction?

The majority of agents work for both the seller and the buyer. In case you decide to work with this type of agent, then you should ask them from the beginning what happens if they will play the both roles on your deal. There is no perfect answer to this question. Some agents prefer to refer the buyer to another agent in this situation, but some do not, so you have to decide if you want to work with them, based on the answer they offer.

Do you work with buyers in this price range?

As a seller, you have to see if the person you collaborate with sees your house through buyers’ eyes. The answer to this question will help you understand if the agent you hire has experience in working with people who are looking for houses in the same price range as yours. If the agent can put himself or herself in the mind of the buyer, he or she will be an effective negotiator. You do not want to hire a person who works only with listings, because this means that they have limited knowledge of the market. These are only some of the questions you should ask an agent, before signing a contract, so make sure you do some research before interviewing experts.