Bed bugs – a hidden danger for your family


As a house owner, your main concern should be keeping the space safe for you and your family. However, there are certain things that may threaten your safety and health, without you even noticing it. One of these dangers is represented by bed bugs, some small parasitic insects belonging to the cimicid family, that live between your sheets and feed only with blood. There are many types of such insects, but those that prefer to feed themselves with human blood are the best known. Their name is due to the fact that they live near or inside the bed and other sleeping areas. The parasites are extremely small, so they can hardly be seen with the bare eye, and become active especially during night. For this reason, their existence may go unnoticed for some time, so they represent a hidden source of discomfort and even diseases for your family.

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Are you dealing with bed bugs?

Given the fact that they cannot be seen easily, you may find it difficult to find out whether you are dealing with bed bugs or not. The task is even more difficult since there are many other insects that resemble each other. Bed bugs are oval, brownish, have flat bodies and the size of an apple seed. They do not fly, but they can move extremely quickly over floors, walls, ceilings, which is why they can immediately hide inside the mattresses of your bed. These are one some characteristics that will help you recognise them, if you get to see one. The easiest manner through which you can find out that these creatures are living in your bed is that you will probably start noticing some weird bites and marks on your skin. Unlike flea bites, these do not have a red dot in the middle, so this is how you will know that you are dealing with beg bugs. These small red dots are the first sing that you need to request an inspection and look for bed bugs treatment Toronto.


Why are bed bugs dangerous?

Generally, the existence of bed bugs affects each person differently. Since the insects are active during night time mostly, they are going to attack you while you are asleep, so you will see the marks as soon as you wake up. Initially, these are just some small red painless dots, but after a while they will become itchy and they start to bother you. You will see how the stains appear on the areas exposed during sleep. As a general rule, bed bugs are not as dangerous as other insects which transmit various diseases, but they can cause allergies, irritations and a lot of discomfort. Each individual responds differently to bites, and the signs left by these may range from a small red (or pink) spot, to a serious allergic reaction. If you experience an unusual reaction, the best thing you could do to prevent complications is to seek medical attention and hire a professional company, to help you get rid of these tiny parasites.