Benefits of a Whole House Water Filtration System

Why is it so important to use a water filtration system? What are the dangers if we don’t use it and what are the benefits if we use it? These are the main questions that all the persons that are interested in their personal health ask themselves. The most important reasons why people install water filters in their home is because they are preoccupied with their health. They may live in highly polluted areas and they want to have more control over the quality of the water that they drink. The water filters represent the first certified water treatment method for the removal of most dangerous water contaminants.

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Benefits for using a water filter system

  • The biggest benefits for using a water filter system is that you will not be exposed anymore to potential harmful factors. It’s a calm thought to have a water filter system installed in your house since lead that is found in drinking water contributes to over 450.000 cases of learning disorders in children, according to the EPA. If you have a child living with you in your house, then you have more reasons to install a water filter system since children are in general more sensitive to all the chemicals in the environment.
  • Did you know that there are almost 2100 known water contaminants that can make their way into our bodies from drinking water, dermal absorption, and water vapors inhalation. Microorganisms, nitrates, heavy metals, harmful solvents, endocrine disruptors and chemicals such as Arsenic, Fluoride, Selenium, Uranium, Iron, Manganese – all these represent serious health threats. Installing a water filter system will protect you of all these.
  • A whole house water filter system will not only provide you pure clean water for you to drink but you will also be able to cook with it and to use it in your domestic household. Reading a whole house water filter review will offer more details regarding the particularities of these units and will guide you in choosing a reliable model that will offer a high performance.
  • Did you know that most chemicals are easily absorbed into the skin during the 10 minutes shower? Scientists have discovered that taking a shower with unsafe water cause us more harm than drinking it.The explanation is that there are less harmful substances in 3 liters of water that we need to drink the entire day than in 40 liters of water – the water that passes over our skin in a few minutes shower.
  • It was proven that water filters reduce the risk of colon cancer, breast cancer, bladder cancer and rectal cancer by removing chlorine from the water. You must consider installing a water filter in your house as a long term investment. A whole house water filter has a long life filter – it holds up 2 to 5 years.
  • The soaps and detergents will produce more foam and lather if you wash your dishes with filtered water.
  • Hair color treatments will last longer.
  • The glasses and dishes will be free of water spots.
  • You will not need to buy fabric softeners anymore since the washed clothing is soft and not scratchy when washed with filtered water.

As you can see, whole house water filters come with numerous benefits. Nevertheless, there are so many models available on the market, that finding the right one can be quite tricky. If you do decide to invest in a whole house water filtration unit, visit On this website, you will find great reviews of the best whole house filters on the market.