Benefits of short-term rentals for business travelers

Travelling for business is more often than not a tiring experience owing to the fact that you have a lot of meetings and you are expected to get going the moment you get off the plane. As a general rule, you are placed in some hotel which is in the centre of town, but there is a limit to the level of comfort that they can provide. What you should do is rethink your options. You should consider leasing corporate apartments or furnished apartments for shorter periods of time. Full service companies like Creative Rental Solutions will find you a home that fits and short-term housing will offer you numerous advantages.

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More space to work or relax

A short-term lease is less than six months, but you have also the possibility of finding month-to-moth leases. The greatest benefits about leasing is the fact that you have a comfortable space. You get a lot more space than you would normally get in a hotel. A hotel usually has two areas, the area of the bed and the bathroom, both of which are small in size. With short-term rental you get the best of everything, which means that you have an apartment that is big enough to accommodate your needs.


Taking into consideration that it is almost impossible to do business on the road without Internet access, Wi-Fi is ensured regardless of the accommodation that you choose. The only issue is that you are taxed for the Internet that you use at the hotel. But if you choose to stay in a private apartment, then you enjoy Wi-Fi via a wireless router. This option is very useful for business travelers who can save a lot.


Business meeting usually run to all hours of the day and even into early mornings. In this situation, you have to ask the hotel receptionist for keys to the hotel when you have meetings all day long. On the other hand, with short-term rental, you do not have to worry about such an issue. Basically you can come and go whenever you want because you are in control of the keys.

Authentic residential experience

Another reason why business travelers prefer leasing an apartment for a short period of time is that is provides an authentic residential experience. The layout of the apartment and the multiple furnished rooms will make you feel a lot like home. You have the freedom to cook your own meals and you have a decent table at which you can work.