Best Fitness Equipment for a Home Gym

If you have a busy schedule that doesn’t allow you to go to a gym, you can still workout at home using fitness equipment that is suitable for a small and comfortable home gym. If you have a free room available, you can easily turn it into a place where you can exercise without having to go to a gym after you finish work. This way, you will manage to stay fit in the intimacy of your home and for this you will need the best fitness equipment for a home gym.
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Perhaps one of the best types of exercises, running can train many muscles in your body and improves the tone and the heart rate, being an excellent cardio exercise. Instead of running outdoors, get a treadmill at home and use it for at least 30 minutes every day and you will soon notice the effects. The best part is that you can run on the treadmill while you relax and watch TV or while you make some phone calls for the office. The latest treadmill models come with a variety of features that allow you to keep a track of your exercising and are folding so you can easily store them away. Depending on your budget, you can opt for treadmills ranging between $100 and $2000. You can compare the prices and the features of the best home treadmills on There, you will find all the information necessary for making an informed purchase.
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The elliptical bike helps you train many muscles in your body, from the arms that maneuver the handles to the buttocks that stay strained to the legs that operate the pedals. This fitness equipment is a great choice that can replace bulkier and more expensive options while offering excellent results in weight loss and muscle toning. You can choose from average models that cost around $100 or you can opt for a professional elliptical that can be as much as $600.
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Rowing machines

You can achieve an excellent cardio experience with a rowing machine that can act as a full-body workout and can be enough for a complete fitness routine. One of the most efficient units available on the market is the concept 2 model e with a pm5 monitor that keeps tabs on your heart rate, the number of strokes you complete, and the calories you burn.
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Weight benches

As the name itself suggests, this equipment consists of a bench and some weights that you can use to train your legs, trunk, and arms muscles. The advantage is that you can sit in a position that increases the muscle straining while you lift weights designed to put pressure on many of your muscles. You can choose the weights that best suit you and you can further adapt the number of weights to your needs and abilities. From the most simple models to the ones used by professional weight lifters, the weight benches cost from $40 to $500.
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Balance Equipment

This type of fitness equipment tests your balance while you perform other types of exercising, like squats or weight-lifting. They are foam pads, boards or balls that you have to sit on in order to maintain your balance, meaning you will increase the effort on your muscles while achieving a perfect posture and coordination between your muscles. This is not expensive equipment, as the cheapest cost under $30 and the most expensive are around $150.