Bringing a bit of personal touch in the nursery

Waiting for the arrival of your child is a big event, one that needs quite a few preparations. You baby boy or girl needs to be welcomed home in the appropriate manner. You are the only one, who can carry out such a project and it will be a pleasant time, you may count on it. In the first few months of life, your baby will be spending a lot of time in the nursery. Therefore, one of your major concerns has to be arranging and decorating this room in the right manner. A few tips and pieces of advice might just come in handy.

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Make it personal

Everyone has already told you that you need to decorate the room in practical manner. This is of course a great tip and you need to consider it. However, creating a practical nursery can sometimes take the entire personality of a room, which is really why you need to focus on turning things around. You need to make this project personal.  The best way to achieve this goal is by using photo canvases. Generally speaking, canvases are the new form of art. You will discover that homeowners are more thrilled about these pieces of art than they are about the traditional looking framed paintings. Photo canvases illustrate the beauty if your family, which is really why these are exactly the art pieces you should be interested in. Decorate the nursery with pictures of you and your partner happily awaiting the arrival of your child. If you have great pictures of your newly born baby, then don’t hesitate to print them on canvases. This is the personal touch you are looking for, decorative pieces that will turn the nursery into your own little world.


Family heirlooms to decorate the room


All families have heirlooms that pass from one generation to the next. Mothers have the habit of saving clothes that belonged to their children or small toys they have grown fond of. Also, the baby’s blanket could very well be a precious heirloom, especially if it has special engravings for instance. Ask the grandparents if there are any such items in your family and if they are don’t hesitate to bring them into the nursery. Vintage toys have a charm of their own, making nurseries feel familiar and peaceful.


Painting the walls yourself


This is probably the biggest challenge you will have to face up to. If finding photo canvases and family heirlooms is merely a question of making the right phone calls, painting the nursery walls is an entirely different matter. However, if you want something special, then you will get your hands dirty and try to paint as best as you can. You can either choose a color or paint all walls or you could do something a bit more complex. Choose white as the font color and start drawing characters from stories, flowers, cars, whatever you think might be pleasant on nursery walls. They might not turn out perfect, not unless you are a painter, but they are personal and every time you look at them, you will remember that you decorated the entire room all by yourself.