Choosing the perfect coffee table

The living room would not be complete without that special touch given by the coffee table. The coffee table is the detail that brings the entire lounge area together. The perfect Charles Eames table will be make the room stand out. A coffee table can have several roles in the living room, either for the aesthetics of the room, display of flowers or serving your coffee and a snack, while hanging out with your friends. No matter if you actually use it, or it is just for the design, choosing the perfect table can be a little difficult, with so many options on the market. If you are uncertain of what you should buy, a few tips may help you decide on a table that meets your needs and desires.

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Shape and dimensions

A first thought when purchasing this furniture item should be determining the actual size you need. You should keep in mind not to be much lower than your sofa, but also not to tall. So be attentive of the height of your sofa seat. If you know that you have many friends regularly coming over, a taller table would be more practical. This way your guests can use the table with more ease to take or set down their glass or plate. When talking about the shape, you should think about what would go best with the rest of the room. A round table would be the best choice if you do not have a lot of free space available, it will eliminate the risk of bumping into a sharp corner. If you feel like you want your lounge area to look more creative, and have more personality, you can pick something that has a more original shape, such as a surfboard table. This option would be the most unique one, and you will with no doubt impress all your friends. Dare to be different in your choices.

Material and style

When purchasing a new coffee table you should think of buying something of good quality. Do not go jumping towards purchasing the cheapest option out there. A qualitative furniture item will last you much longer, even though you may spend a little extra money on it; you need to think long term. And not to mention the fact that a table of poor quality can be easily spotted, and will ruin the entire appearance of the room.  A good option would be to buy something made from oak wood, or another resistant type of wood. As for the colour goes, you need to look towards one that will complement the rest of the room. If you have chosen your lounge area to be entirely black and white, you can buy a black ash wood coffee table to go with everything else, especially if you have opted for a white sofa. The contrast will create a perfect look. You can easily find online the perfect qualitative table; you just need to know your style and preferences.