Collagen induction therapy – the next step in anti-aging treatments



Anti-aging skincare is one of the most dynamic and innovative branches of the beauty industry, because men and women alike want to know how to make their skin look healthy, smooth and young for as long as possible. We course, not even the most advanced treatments can stop the aging process, but, thanks to the latest treatments available today, we can definitely slow it down. One of these treatments is collagen induction therapy, a relatively new procedure that has been proven to restore skin plumpness and youth, even in patients that have deep wrinkles. This procedure is not surgical, but it is more advanced than an anti-aging cream, even with high end ingredients. Here are some facts you need to know before you make an appointment for collagen induction therapy in Toronto.

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What is collagen induction therapy?


Collagen induction therapy is a cosmetic procedure which implies penetrating the top layer of the skin with small needles or a special device to reach the deep layers and encourage the skin to produce new skin cells. This way, the skin regenerates itself naturally, the result being a smoother, pumper, younger looking skin. Depending on the condition of your skin, you may need anywhere between two to four sessions, one session lasting approximately one hour. The first results are visible within weeks and last for years.


Why anti-aging creams are not enough


Anti-aging creams are often the first step that people take towards reducing fine lines and wrinkles and they do work, but they are have their limits. State of the art formulas with retinoid, AHAs, BHAs and hyaluronic acid can make the skin look a few years younger, but up to a certain age. They cannot get rid of deep wrinkles and may be potentially problematic for people who have skin sensitivity. Needless to say, you have to use them on a regular basis for the effects to last, which is not exactly cost effective if you use up a $100 serum per month. Collagen induction therapy costs more than creams, but overall it pays off in the long run.


Additional benefits of collagen induction therapy


Although collagen induction therapy is known for fighting signs of aging, this is not its only benefit. It has also shown great results in people who have had acne and were left with severe acne scarring that normal creams could not heal. Thanks to the fact that it promotes skin regeneration, this procedure is also an excellent solution for burns survivors or patients with cosmetic damage on their faces. Last, but not least, it improves hyperpigmentation (also a side effect of acne) and reduces the appearance of large pores. Collagen induction therapy isn’t just a procedure for people who want to look younger, but a solution for everyone who wishes to have a healthy looking skin, without scars or marks.