Cool off in the summer with an evaporative cooling system

It is great to have a garden in the back of your house, where you can relax and have fun in the summer, but there are some months when you can stay there only in the night, because it is too hot. In this situation, you are looking for a solution to spend more time in your gorgeous garden. The best one is to install an evaporative mist cooling, which can be purchased from many online stores, and specialists can help you place it where you need it. These units are available in a wide range of models and sizes, so you will definitely find one that will suit your outdoor space, without having to worry that it will affect the environment.

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How this system works?

The evaporative cooling system uses an ancient principle to cool the air. This principle implies that in the process of water evaporating the system uses heat energy from the outside space, so it leaves your garden cooler. This happen because the air temperature is reduced by absorbing the moisture. The amazing fact of this system is that it offers you a cooler environment in the afternoon when the temperature is higher, because then the humidity is lower. While the humidity is lower, the evaporative effect is better, so you will enjoy staying outside even in the hottest day of the year.

Why using this system?

Money homeowners that also have a garden, because it is very energy efficient, use this system. It uses up to 75 percent electricity that a normal air conditioner and this will bring you great savings. You will not have to worry that you have to make any changes to your house for installing this system; it does not need a high amperage circuit, so you can install it as soon as you purchase it. In addition, they are the best choice if you or one of your family members suffer from allergies, because they filter the air effectively and they trap pollen and dust in the same time. It also adds moisture in the air, which will make you feel very comfortable. Also, they are environmental friendly, because they do not use refrigerants, and this means that they do not emit greenhouse gases. This system has very low initial installation costs, when comparing them with the ones of air conditioning systems.