Details you may overlook before the wedding

Planning a wedding involves a lot of dress and decision making. There are so many things to choose, from the venue, to the music, menu, decorations and theme, that you may end up feeling overwhelmed. That is a stage anyone who has to organize an important event goes through, so rest assured that is something completely normal. With all the pressure on your shoulders, chances are that you become forgetful and tend to overlook certain details. For this reason, the best thing you could do is make a special ‘wedding agenda’ where you write down everything you need to take care of, but with some months in advance. Make a list (or more) with all the details you may forget – these are not essential per-se, but are equally important for the success of your big event. So here are some of the most common small things that will make the difference on your wedding day:

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Take care of your guests

Your guests are probably the people you care about most, which means you need to make sure they feel comfortable and valued. This is something you have to do not only during the event, but also before that. For instance, you have to get involved in choosing your brides maids’ attires. The same goes for your close relatives. Your grandmother is probably one of the people you care about the most, so you have to help her prepare to be with you on your wedding day. Fortunately, there are several stores selling formal dresses for the grandmother of the bride. So gather your entire squad and plan a group shopping session. This way, you not only help them look great, but also get to spend some quality time together.


Be prepared for the unexpected

A lot of brides think that once they have chosen their dress and shoes, all their attire concerns are gone. This could not be more wrong. Since you are going to wear the same dress for many hours, you may have to be prepared to make some adjustments to your look. The dress may become loose and the risk of tripping is an issue most brides complain about. That is why you need to prepare a real arsenal before the event: safety pins, more comfortable shoes, bobby pins, hair spray, a new pair of tights and any other small item you may need to stay in great shape.


Cake table accessories

The cake is one of the most anticipated moments of the wedding and everyone will be gathered around for the occasion. You have given so much thought to choosing the perfect flavours and design, so it would be a pity having something unpleasant happening the moment the cake is brought. So make sure you have appropriate cutlery, perfect decorations and of course, cake fireworks. These will make everything more spectacular, not to mention they will look amazing in pictures and videos.