Do you think you need a prototype?

Most people have innovative ideas from time to time, but there is no way of knowing for sure if the product you have in mind will actually have commercial value. Even if it is not necessary to have a prototype in order to file for a patent application for say a gasket or other type of mechanical seal, having one will be invaluable. Unlike the sketch in your notebook, a functional model will allow you to assess flaws and identify unexpected turnarounds. Although building a full-scale model might seem time-consuming or course expensive, in fact it is not. As long as you hire a company that supplies prototyping Ottawa services, you will save both time and money. This article focuses mainly on the necessity of building a professional model.

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Defining the prototype

A prototype is a working model that is built as part of the development process or for demonstration purposes. What happens is that a version of the product is built, tested and if necessary reworked until an acceptable result is achieved. You can view the prototype as a depiction of the functioning product. Although you have the possibility to put the model together yourself, you should better have the product realised by a prototyping company.

Identifying design issues from the very start

The ideas that you have in your mind will seem great on paper, but they may turn out to be disastrous when you transform them into reality. Even though you may be able to get away with some parts of the design, you cannot do this with the entire product. The simplest way to reveal design flaws (if there are any) is to build a model. This will give you the chance to resolve the issues before the product enters the production stage. Not only will you be able to make improvement to the design concept, but also to do this in a matter of minutes. Once you find design issues, you can tweak a couple of things or better yet sketch another one.

When should you invest in a prototype?

The moment a potential licensee shows interest for your idea, you need a functioning model. Investors especially have become more cautious with inventing start-ups, reason why your project will face scrutiny. Companies will require proof of your concept either to display the idea to a retail buyer or to conduct a focus group. A full-scale model will allow you to demonstrate that your idea is feasible and that there is no investment risk.