Don’t risk damaging your piano when moving


Generally speaking, most people will avoid using professional mover when it comes to transporting their piano from one location to the other. They would rather receive help from their friends and family than resorting to the expertise and insight of professional workers. The reason why so many people are hesitant to hire piano movers London is that they believe this way they will save some money. However, handling such a big musical instrument on your own is not particularly a good idea because it is a very fragile and delicate one. This means that if not handled properly, the piano gets damaged quite rapidly. If you are still not convinced here are some reasons why should definitely hire professional movers.

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While it is clear for many people that professional movers have both training and experience with packing and shifting breakable items, it is not that obvious why someone should have training in handling musical instruments. Contrary to what you may think, the clavier is more fragile than it seems at first glance. Therefore, the instrument requires much care when being handled. As opposed to you, piano movers know exactly which the structural weaknesses are more likely to create issues during the move. Overlooked sources can easily result in serious damage. After all, moving a clavier is not the same thing as say moving an old couch, meaning that a musical instrument is expensive and harder to replace.

Avoid injuring yourself

Shifting the piano alone or with the help of your friends is not recommended because you can injure yourselves. You may like to believe that you are strong enough to handle the instrument, but the truth is that it weighs a lot. Therefore, the risk of suffering injuries is extremely high. The weight lies in the cats iron harp that holds the strings. In addition to this, the removal requires equipment and moving techniques, which you or your friends do not have. If you are not necessarily skilled at moving heavy and delicate object, then you are better off assigning the task to professional movers.

Professional tools

As you can imagine, such a big instrument such as a piano will not fit through the front door. This mean that the instrument will be taken apart, transported and of course re-assembled. In order to move the musical instrument, it is necessary to have dollies and special boards. After the clavier is covered with blanket and strapped to the board, movers typically use dollies to transport the instrument to the moving truck. Besides the fact that such equipment is no way near cheap, it requires great control as well. Otherwise, the piano on the board will surely slid down.

To conclude, it is very clear that there are many risks, not to say complexities involved in moving a moving instrument. There are many things that can possibly go wrong, like damaging the piano or even hurting yourself. Good moving is the result of fine equipment and expertise. You can fully rely on professionals to transport your beloved possession quickly and safely.