Enjoy Your Patio this Winter by Using a Patio Infrared Heater

So what if it’s winter? It doesn’t necessarily mean that your patio has to take a break from your outdoor parties. If you install some outdoor infrared heaters you can make your patio stay functional during the wintertime too. If the sun is hidden in the clouds and it doesn’t give you too much heat anymore, you have the possibility to make your own sun at a bargain price.

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Features and Average Price of an Infrared Heater

For only $170 you can be sure you take the chills off of your lovely patio. An infrared heater operates very silently and it doesn’t need warm up time. One of its biggest advantages is that it can provide full heat output within seconds. Its heating technology provides radiant heat energy which instantly warms the objects found near the heat source. Most product come with adjustable wall mount brackets that’s why you don’t need special assistance when you install them. You can choose to place your infrared heater in any upper corner of your patio, in a central position hanging down the ceiling or just place it on the floor. Make sure you keep it away of any water source since it’s not waterproof. Pay attention to its capacity since this is the most important feature that it has. An infrared heater is not only a source of heat, it also provides light in your patio.

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Wall Mounted Infrared Heater

This kind of infrared heater is easy to be mounted on an exterior wall. The larger the area you want it to warm, the further you must install it. The more intense you want to feel the heat, the closer to you the infrared heater must be installed. An infrared heater with the dimensions of 4 inches x 15.5 inches x 4.5 inches costs around $330 and is able to heat a 10-feet by 10-feet area.
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Ceiling Mounted Infrared Heater

This type of outdoor infrared heater is perfect to be installed above a table. Because it has a central position you will be sure that all the people gathered around that table are equally warmed.
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Infrared Heated Table

This is the perfect item if you prefer the heat to be directed towards your knees area. Of course that it would be ideal to combine the two heating types – from above and from below. Such table has a very intuitive design – it’s round and it’s not very wide so people can gather very close to it. It’s very cleverly designed since it looks like an infrared tube with stand supports on both sides.

One you have decided on a type of infrared heater, make sure to consider various models from different brands. It is best if you read several reviews before buying a particular model. On bestheater.reviews, you can find some great reviews of affordable yet efficient infrared heaters.