Essential considerations when looking for second hand clothes

In the past years, more and more people have found the great benefits that buying second hand clothes bring. First, it is a lot more cost-effective compared to buying new clothes from regular stores. Second, it is more environmentally friendly, as you repurpose those items in various ways. Third, second hand clothes can sometimes be of higher quality compared to brand new clothing items. Nevertheless, there are some important things that need to be considered before coming out of the store with a bunch of second hand clothes and below in this article you will find the most popular ones.

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Wholesale or retail?

The first aspect you need to clarify to yourself is the purpose of buying second hand clothes. There are certain shops that sell haine second hand en gros for a great price. If you have a project in mind you want to take up sometime in the near future and you need a lot of used clothes, going wholesale is definitely the best option. On the other hand, if you are only looking for a way to save some money, yet at the same time to add some new items to your wardrobe, prepare yourself for a shopping day and go to every thrift shop in the neighbourhood. Do not forget about the Internet either, as you can find many second hand clothing stores on the online market as well.

Know when local thrift shops have their sale days

It is worth mentioning that most second hand clothing stores have a pre-set sale day when they significantly reduce their already low prices, up to 50%, in order to sell the items they already have in stock and make more room for the ones that are on their way to the store. Buying second hand clothes on a sale day is like a godsend, this is for sure, because you have the chance to find some amazing clothing items at an incredibly low price.

Check the clothes before buying them

Many people believe that thrift shops sell only clothes of the poorest quality or items that are “not wanted” on the market, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Sometimes, second hand clothes are of higher quality than anything that can be found in regular clothing stores. However, it is still recommended you check not only the label before buying clothes, but also the items themselves. It may happen sometimes that some clothes to have stains on them for instance, so if you are not sure whether that stain will come out or not, it is best you do not buy that item.

Ensure it fits you

It is strongly advised not to purchase any second hand clothes before trying them on. The reason is quite simple – size availability is limited in thrift shops, in the sense that if you are lucky you can find the same item coming in two different sizes. Ensure they fit you before buying them. In case you go for online shopping, pay great attention to the size chart available on the site.