Filing a Successful Claim Against a Business


Personal injury claims are filed everyday and they’ve become such a routine for solicitors, lawyers and insurance companies. However, most of these claims come from road accidents, more precisely car accidents, so they are usually filed against an individual who is considered to be at fault. It is a totally different situation if you slip on an aisle in a supermarket for instance, in which case you need to file the claim against the business and not an individual. Filing such a claim is much more challenging and requires a lot more work, so before contacting the company or its insurer, you need to take a few steps to ensure your claim’s success, the first of which should obviously be looking at personal injury lawyer Ottawa firms to represent you.  Together with your attorney, you need to gather evidence if your injury, in order to make sure your claim meets all the criteria of a successful one.

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Even before you go shopping for a personal injury lawyer in Ottawa, you need to start gathering evidence to prove the premises liability, like getting photographic evidence of the cause of the accident. A store or any other business will take every necessary step to make sure they fix the condition or defect that caused the accident immediately after, so getting your phone and taking a picture right then and there would be wise. If it’s not a fall or an accident on the premises that you wish to claim for, but rather a defective product, then you also need to gather evidence not only that the product is defective, but also that the defect caused the injury. You will also need to prove that you’ve used the product as per the manufacturer’s specifications, as companies and businesses have vast experience in dealing and managing legal claims, so they know all the ins and outs of having them dismissed, while you’re most likely on your first one.


If your injury was indeed suffered on the premises of the business, you should immediately ask for a manager or supervisor to be made aware of what happened and also to write an accident report. You should also get contact information of a witness if that’s possible, one that can confirm the accident happened because of a hazard that was already present on the property. The accident report, the photos you take with the cell phone, the witness contact details, all of these represent evidence that you should take to your personal injury lawyer in Ottawa before contacting the company or its insurance to file the claim.