Find How to Make Bread in a Bread Maker

When consumed properly and in reasonable quantities, bread doesn’t present a threat to your digestive system and, let’s face it, it makes food taste a whole lot better. Bread machines have become very popular these days, due to the fact that they can help you save lots of precious time and easily prepare a delicious loaf. Therefore, if you are a bread lover, then we strongly recommend you to use a modern appliance like this. But how exactly do you prepare the delicious treat? Learn how to use the appliance and why it’s a must-have in the kitchen of all modern folks, to begin with, from us.
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You should start simple

If it is the first time you are actually making bread, then you should use a bread machine mix from the grocery store. It is important to observe the consistency of the dough in various stages. You could go for a simple recipe like the pizza dough, but, no matter what recipe you choose, what’s even more important is to use a high-quality bread maker just like the Breville BBM800XL. According to the best bread maker reviews, this model is very smart and very easy to use so you will easily get the hang of it and use it for a variety of recipes. Some of its highlights include:

  • Smart LCD screen that endorses ease of use and lets you program settings as you please.
  • Automatic fruit and nut dispenser that completely takes the hassle out of using the machine as your assistance is not required throughout the preparation process.
  • Puts 4 loaf sizes and 13 automatic settings at your disposal.
  • The start of the preparation process can be delayed up to 13 hours due to the timer function.
  • The unique collapsible paddle doesn’t leave a mark at the bottom of the bread.

Pay a special attention to substitutions

If you want you can definitely substitute whole wheat flour for white. These 2 types of flour absorb different amounts of moisture and also have different amounts of gluten. Take into account the fact that not all yeast is the same as well, and there’s special bread machine yeast that you should use, which is a close relative of instant yeast.

  • Tip: If however, you choose to use regular yeast, you must dissolve it before integrating it with the remaining ingredients.

Make sure the blade is installed properly

If you add the ingredients and nothing is happening then the blade may not be present or engaged. Therefore, you need to make sure the blade is pushed down into the proper position so that it could do its job. The blade must be installed properly before you actually add the ingredients to the pan. If the dough is too moist, then it will level out like the thick soup. You should add a tablespoon of flour until it makes a tacky ball that can touch the wall of the pan. If the dough is too dry, then it will form a ball that will not touch the sides of the pan. Therefore, in order to obtain a tacky ball, you need to add a tablespoon of water at a time.
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Stick with the dough cycle

It is strongly recommended to use the dough cycle in order to mix the ingredients very well. You can either use the appliance until the bread is completely cooked or you could remove the dough to shape and then bake it by using a conventional oven. This is a method that will give you more control, more shaping options, and a better crust on the finished product. No matter the option you go with, what’s important is that you will enjoy fresh, healthy homemade bread at the end of it all.

What are there advantages of making bread at home?

  • Cheaper: Even though you will spend some money on the bread machine, when looking at the bigger picture, you actually end up saving money in the long run. When you buy bread from the store, you pay taxes for its transportation, the fact that it is sitting on the shelf, brand name, and the fact that you enjoy the “convenience” of acquiring it already prepared. On the other hand, if you were to use the machine to prepare it, these costs would be reduced as you would only have to pay for the ingredients, which are few and cheap anyway, and pay for the cost of running the appliance, which isn’t high either.
  • Healthier: Are you 100% sure that the ingredients used in store-bought bread are healthy? Of course not! The same cannot be said about homemade bread as you put in the ingredients yourself in the quantities you want, full control over the preparation process being enjoyed. This automatically implies the product is healthier, so it won’t be in the detriment of your health to consume it as often as you please.
  • Adaptable: Many people suffer from celiac’s disease, which means that they cannot consume gluten-based foods. Store-bought bread might contain traces of this ingredient, which ultimately puts your health in peril. However, the fact that you prepare the bread yourself prevents this occurrence as you can adapt the ingredients used to your specific needs.
  • Tastier: Yes, homemade bread is indeed tastier as the ingredients used to prepare it are fresh, and you can actually consume it on the spot, right after it is made, so the freshness of the product itself is maintained.