Finding the best mortgage option as a Canadian military



As a Canadian resident, if you want to purchase a property but you do not have enough money, you have two options: either you borrow it from a bank; either you apply for a mortgage. If you work in the military service, experts say that the best alternative is to sue the services of a specialized mortgage broker, such as Nicole Drummond. Although some people think that they already know enough about real estate and they do not need such services at all, it is quite important to have an experienced military mortgage broker by your side. There are multiple policies and rules that only apply for those who work in the CAF and these may be unknown to you, o you have to find the best broker. Each one has its own network of contacts and offers, so make sure you find the right person to take care of this job.

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Why should you choose someone with years of experience?

The first thing you should be looking for in a mortgage broker is experience. As an army member, you probably have a series of special needs and requests, not to mention that most of the times you will be travelling. Since they are working in the field for many years, an experienced broker will know how to deal with the fact that you could be relocated. Besides this, someone who knows the market for ages probably has a great network of contacts, including lenders and financial institutions, so you are likely to find and advantageous deal and all the support you need.


Is the personality of the broker important?

Just as in any type of collaboration, the personalities of the people involved are very important. The right broker is definitely one that will make you feel comfortable, understand you and inspire you confidence. Needless to say that they should be professional, while also being friendly and open to suggestions. They have to explain you all the stages of the process, using terms and language that you can easily comprehend.


Where can you find a good broker?

If you are looking for a reliable mortgage company or broker, the best thing you should do is start asking friends and acquaintances. Their recommendation will come in very handy, especially if it is the first time you are collaborating with such a firm. If none of them can help you, then you should make an online search, because the virtual space will definitely offer you access to multiple alternatives. Look for reviews and feedback, and get in touch with the brokers that seem to have had the best results in the past.