Frequently asked questions about marquees – what you should know

It is commonly known that in the past years, numerous people have considered planning their weddings in marquees installed somewhere next to a lake that provided them a breath-taking landscape. This is also the reason why numerous marquee hire firms have emerged on the market and is only one good example. However, many people are still reticent when it comes to resorting to the services of a marquee hire company, so if you are one of them, you should definitely read this list of the most frequently asked questions about this subject.

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How long does it take to install the marquee?

You should know that the time needed to erect a marquee depends on various factors such as the size of the tent, the location and the complexity of internal finish that you require. If the tent is used for a larger special event, it may need two or three days to be installed.

How do I know what size should the marquee have?

As far as this aspect is concerned, you should ask for the marquee hire company’s advice in order to make sure you select a tent with the right size you need. Keep in mind that the size of the tent also depends on several factors, including the type of function, the available space and the layout of the function, which means that you would have to provide the company some details about the event, such as the guest numbers in order to determine the exact marquee size you need.

Does the surface have to be flat?

It is better to have the tent installed on a flatter surface, especially if you plan to install a floor too, but this is not a general rule, since it can perfectly handle a gentle slope. The company you hire can come with suspended flooring systems in order to make uneven ground easier to use.

Is it true that marquees are not so great on adverse weather conditions?

No, this is not true. If you select a professional and trust-worthy marquee hire company, you can be sure you will benefit from the best results. If it rains, you can install guttering systems and wooden flooring systems to keep you and your guests away from mud. If it is a windy day, a professional company will take care of this by stacking and weighting the tent accordingly to avoid having it blown away and by fitting solid windows and walls.