Garden room construction? Use oak beams


Looking for new ways to improve your home, why not build a garden room? An external addition of this kind will improve your home’s layout and can also act as an office or game room. An important design consideration is to know what structural elements you will use. Many great stylish and practical materials can be used for the construction of your garden room. Oak beams though have been the main option for centuries in Britain and they make a great choice for your home extension. Why? Because they provide a number of benefits. Here are the key benefits of working with oak beams in your building scheme.

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Oak beams are visually appealing. Actually, no type of wood structure is as beautiful as oak. Many people regard it as quintessentially English, but the truth is that the timber is native to many countries around the world. What is certain is that using oak beams will instantly add character to your garden room. This hardwood has a beautiful colour and grain, setting itself apart from softwoods like pine. It’s hard not to fall in love with its beauty. The wood settles well in the environment where it is built and it will give your home extension character.

Sturdiness over time

Durability is the main characteristic of oak. Some people go as far as saying that oak beams are the most durable construction materials on the modern market. Unlike other types of hardwood, oak timber is durable and can withstand moisture, fungal attacks and extreme weather conditions. Thanks to its dense constitution, termites do not affect the structure. Simply put, oak timber does not have an expiry date and neither do oak beams. If you want your garden room to withstand the test of time, like many houses and barns, it is advisable for you to use oak beams.

Eco-friendly option

Oak beams are eco-friendly, which means that they come from sustainable sources. Good producers of timber beams, or suppliers for that matter, have a consideration for the replantation of trees. In the UK, each year hectares of forestry are covered with oak trees. Another environmental plus is the wood’s natural ability to absorb CO2. By using the timber for your construction needs, you ensure that a big amount of carbon is removed from the atmosphere.

Now you know what makes oak beams stand out. If you go to the local timber merchant, you will find a wide selection of option that can be used. If you are opting for an external addition like a garden room, then you should be using utilising the best materials for the structure. Any space can be transformed with this type of hardwood.