Home safety – Mould, solutions and house maintenance

Some researchers have claimed that the air we are breathing indoors might be even more dangerous than the outdoor one. The simple explanation would be that our houses are the perfect humid and warm environment that permits mould to grow in peace and spread around the entire place. Therefore, you periodically want to collaborate with a Toronto air quality testing team and make sure your family is not at risk. Moreover, the same team can help you find a long-term solution that will prevent it from reappearing. Alternatively, you can also contribute by properly caring for your house after the professionals have performed the treatment for results that will last longer.

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1. How can a team of professionals help you?

If you want to make sure your house is spore proof, you must collaborate with a team that can test it for mould. The advanced technology they use is able to detect even the smallest amounts of spores released in the air and can find an effective solution. Products available in stores do not work as well as those used by the team of experts. They will find products accordingly to each type of mould they find, because not all types are sensitive to the same elements. The report filled in after the test will tell them what type is present in your house. This is the reason you want to find a good team of experts and have a long and constant collaboration.

2. How does mould form?

One element determines if your house is prone to develop mould and that is humidity. If your house is moist enough, spores can easily find a spot where to sit undisturbed and expand. Your carpet, inside on the walls, bathroom, ventilation system, nothing is safe from it and probably right now you are surrounded by microscopic spores. Black mould is especially dangerous. Toxic mould exposure is generally caused by it, the symptoms include rashes, irritation, itchy and runny nose, and not few were the cases when it caused anaphylaxis. This is a severe allergic reaction and it can oftentimes be life threatening, in case of shock.

3. How can you maintain a spore-free house?

Present in all rooms of your house, you must make sure you do some little things from time to time in order to prevent mould to reappear after the team of experts managed to exterminate it. In your entire house, make sure you always keep the humidity level below 50 percent by using dehumidifiers.  As soon as you notice problems with your plumbing system, have a professional by to fix it for you and try to dry as fast as you can the wet areas. Another good thing to do is to properly insulate your home to prevent condensation from appearing. Always clean your refrigerator. Only imagine what mould can do if swallowed if the effects of breathing it are so damaging to the human body.

To properly exterminate mould in your home, have it tested by professionals that can also provide solutions. Do not forget about house maintenance in order to preserve their work longer.