Homemade Christmas Decoration Ideas

It’s nice to have in your house some homemade decorations that you have made them yourself especially for important occasions. These are homemade Christmas decoration ideas that will make your holidays cozier.

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Chalkboard Roaring Fireplace

As long as you draw it nicely the brain will not identify it as a fake fireplace for the first seconds after it sees it. This Christmas decoration doesn’t require a big investment but it will generate great thrill among your family members. It’s totally worth it to try it. This is one of the most interesting homemade Christmas decoration ideas that will impress all your Christmas dinner guests, especially the children. Use an old sheet on which you can draw a fireplace. You will also need some chalk and some black paint. In order to make it more realistic you can apply some Christmas socks above it! The size of the fireplace it’s the most important feature so draw it proportionally with the other objects in the room just like you had to build one inside your wall and you were afraid of mistaking the perfect size.

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Green Snowman

If you don’t have snow you can build a green snowman. It’s not a greenman nor a snowman. It’s simply a green snowman. It’s made of green pine branches and it has the shape of a snowman. You will need some thread, a scarf and of course a few green branches. Although the green snowman has an empty head, it’s kind enough to wish anyone who notices it “Merry Christmas!”.

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Chalkboard Decoration

By the help of a fretwork you can basically have a wood Christmas decoration in any shape that you want. Take a piece of thin wood, cut it in the desired shape, paint it black and there you have obtained a chalkboard Christmas decoration. You can write on it some Christmas messages or you can write a reply of that Christmas character.

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Christmas Globes Decoration

You should also consider some homemade Christmas decoration ideas for your Christmas dinner. Some globes arranged under a food stand could look amazingly stylish. You can use multi-colored globes or you can put together only globes of the same color. Combining green with red is a traditional contrast that fits perfectly with the celebrating festive occasion.

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Snowflakes Candles

Besides the delicious dishes that you can place on your Christmas table you can also put some shiny candles with some winter motifs. Cut some snowflakes out of a shiny polished piece of paper and glue them on some brandy glasses or some candle stands.