Housewarming gift ideas for couples

Moving in together is a great step in any relationship and planning a housewarming party for friends and family is part of the process. If you’re invited to the housewarming party of two of your closest buddies, then choosing the perfect gift can be quite a challenge. There are plenty of options in stores, from generic gift baskets to expensive gadgets, but most people want to reach that perfect middle ground and buy something that sends a beautiful message, but doesn’t cost too much. Here are some fun and practical ideas that are both popular and easy to find.

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Cocktail set – the fun kitchen gift

Kitchen items are always necessary, but few 20-somethings want to receive boring pans, bowls and glassware. If you’re keen on buying something for the kitchen, choose a cocktail set instead, because it’s more fun and appropriate for a young couple. With a cocktail set, they can make both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and start building their own home bar. Don’t forget to also buy a cocktail recipe book with the set, or, better yet, buy a set that already has one.

Customised wall art

Wall art is one of the most popular gift ideas for housewarming parties, and yet one of the hardest to get right. Before buying an art print, make sure you ask your friends about the style of their home, to make sure that the print matches it. You should also know their preferences, of course. Avoid buying a cheap, generic landscape print or a famous painting replica. Instead, customise your print, or look for beautiful, unique limited edition wall art. Text prints are a great idea, especially if your friends have a minimal apartment.

Gadgets – always essential in any home

Everyone uses gadgets these days, so you simply cannot go wrong if you buy one as a housewarming gift. Besides, there are options for every budget. Low-cost options include digital photo frames and Bluetooth speakers, and if you have a larger budget you can buy something like an Apple TV or a home surround system.

Home gifts – the classical choice

Most of the time, when a couple moves into a new home, they don’t have a lot of décor times, so you can help them by offering them unique decorations. For example, you can get them a vintage lamp or an interesting wall clock shaped like a vinyl disk. Another fun and affordable option are throw pillows, which can be personalised with funny or inspiration messages and even pictures. Other ideas include succulent plants, which look very elegant and are low maintenance, or a cute doormat. For a personalised touch, you can buy them large marquee lights with their initials.

No matter what category you want to buy from, remember to be as creative as possible and avoid generic gifts. Nowadays, there are plenty of online stores with practical and unique gift ideas, and it’s never been easier to find cool items that send your warm regards without spending a lot of money.