How to fix your sliding screen door

A great way in which you can bring the spaciousness of outdoors into your home is to install a patio door. Thanks to the patio door and its sliding screen, you will be are able to enjoy fresh air without having to worry about airborne pests such as mosquitos. When it comes to routine maintenance, you have to make an effort though. It is not enough to keep the track and the rollers clean. Most modern sliding screens comprise a lightweight aluminum frame across which a screening material is stretched. Since it does not take much to tear the screen, you should learn how to replace the damaged cover.  But what if you are unable to open or close the door all the way? If you are having trouble with the patio door, then you will find the following tips to be of great use.

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Replacing a damaged screen

There are two things that you need to become familiar with when it comes to replacing a damaged screen: the spline and the spline-installation tool. The spline is the narrow rubber tubing that locks cover in a groove around the frame. It comes in various diameters and matching the new one to your old spline is essential. The spline-installation tool is somewhat similar to a pizza-cutter, which means that it has a roller at each end.

Once you have found a net that overlaps the doorframe, it is time to remove the damaged one. A sliding screen is supported by rollers that ride in a track. Lift these tracks until the rollers clear the track and pull the bottom out. Remove the screen spline and install the new one using scissors or a knife to cut it. Once you place the net on the doorframe, use the installation tool to press the net into the groove. Use a utility knife to cut off the excess net.

Replacing the wheels

Sliding patio doors do not actually slide, they roll on plastic wheels. What happens when these wheels wear out is that that doors starts to drag. In this case, it is necessary to replace the wheels, task that will not take more than one hour. The first thing that you need to do is remove the screen from its tracks. In order to do this, you should go buy replacements. Once you have the door removed, you have the opportunity of doing some minor maintenance work, such as inspecting and cleaning out the tracks.

Adjusting the sliding screen door

The fact is that many sliding doors can be adjusted. Since there are many things that can go wrong with the sliding motion, so it is not easy to determine if the slider’s installation position is to blame. Therefore, you will have to examine the wheels and the track attentively. A dirty track is more of often than not the cause of the problems, so if you find that the track is dirty, clean it with a terrycloth towel. If there are still issues with the opening and closing of the door, you may have to adjust the height, case in which you need to find the adjusting screws. You will see for yourself if it is necessary to loosen or tighten the screws.

The fact is that while you can do all these operations yourself, you should consider hiring a specialist. Although it is very tempting to do things yourself, a repair professional can spare you of the trial and error process.