How to make the best out of a small office

The office should be that part of the house which enhances productivity, because it is the place where you work and find new opportunities. Although it should not be as cosy as the bedroom, because this will rather invite you to sleep, but recent studies have shown that the most productive offices are those who combine comfort and utility. The perfect office should represent your personality, while also preserving a professional image. Contrary to the common belief, you do not have to have a spare room and spend a lot of money to create a productive working space.  Fortunately, nowadays there are furniture companies, such as, where you will find everything you need on a budget, even for the smallest spaces. All you have to do is follow some simple rules and use a series of decoration tips, and you will manage to make the best out of your small office.


Double-Duty Decorating

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In case you have no room to give it the functions of an office, you should focus on using the spare space you find around the house. Whether you have an empty corner in your bedroom or you want to get more creative and place the desk under the stair case, any of these can become the perfect office. A traditional desk does not necessarily guarantee productivity – the trick is to make the best out of what you have. Think about transforming other pieces of furniture into a desk: for instance, a large armoire can be perfect for this: it has plenty of storage space and it will also give you the privacy you need while working.


Make use of vertical space

If you have plenty of items you need around the desk, but you have no storage space, the best thing you could do is use the vertical space. This means that you will have to arrange the drawers or shelves one above the other, but make sure the place will not look cluttered. Alternate between small decorations and large pieces, and match them according to your personality and needs. Some designers encourage the implementation of the “two’s company” rule. This means that you can use two of the room’s walls in order to place various shelves, but in order to prevent it from looking full, you should leave the other two empty.


Add a bit of brightness

If you arrange the desk in your bedroom, the easiest way to do this is to place it next to the window. The natural light will make it more vivid, and will also be beneficial for your health. Try to match the decorations with the style of the entire room, and go for bright colours to make it look wider. If you want to obtain a classy result, you can choose neutral colour (such as tan, beige or grey), but if you want to be more creative, go for vibrant colours (yellow, red or green). Whatever you choose, remember that the office should reflect your personality and help you work efficiently.