How to prepare for weekend traveling while studying abroad

The moment a teenager decides to go and study abroad is also the moment that teenager should prepare for the adventure of his or her lifetime. Studying abroad should not only imply going to a new country, locking yourself in your dorm room and study all day and night. You should take advantage that you are in a new country and you have the chance to learn more about new cultures that are different from your home country. When choosing student accommodation Edinburgh it is recommended to opt for the one that matches both your needs and budget. Go out there and travel during weekends to enjoy that beautiful country that is going to host you for the following years.

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Packing tips for weekend travelling

One great advice to keep in mind is to enjoy every aspect of your trip. Try to absorb not only the culture from that region, but also people’s style. Look for stores where you can purchase traditional clothes from that specific region and dare to wear them. Moreover, you should save on weight when packing by avoiding carrying products such as shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays and so on. You can find these at any local store. Do not pack high heels either, especially if you are planning to go for a walk on the mountains.

Itinerary advice

Make sure you plan your trip wisely and you have enough time to actually visit and immerse yourself in the local culture. Learn some new words in that foreign language, get to know the neighbourhood and the locals and socialize with them. You should also plan your trips according to the events or festivals holding the days you want to travel, because it is a great chance to learn even more about that country and its culture. Do some research online and find out more about the city you want to visit. Know what the main tourist attractions in that city are and where you can eat the most delicious traditional meal in town.

Transportation tips

When studying abroad, public transportation is your best friend. This also counts when you plan your weekend trips to other cities or even countries. You should opt for public transportation because it is a lot cheaper, not to mention that you will have the chance to see other parts of the city too.  What is more, budget airlines are a great choice to make, but why not look into other means of transportation too. Look for trains or buses, even though it will take longer to arrive to the destination. Most of the times, these options are less expensive than airlines.

Save some money too

Do some research and look for free activities in the city you are about to visit. Some tourist attractions or even some local events ask for no fee to visit or attend them. Try not to spend too much money on expensive food or drinks from famous chain, since you can find these ones at home too. Go for grocery shopping at a local store, or opt for a neighbourhood café where you would have to pay no more than €2 for it.