How to save energy during winter

Often times the energy bill during winter can become a burden for many families, especially if their home is not properly insulated. Even though many think that they can save money on energy by simply trying to keep the temperature a bit lower in their homes, somehow the bill still reaches high levels every month. To this extent, here are a few investments that will help you save energy and lower your bill considerably:

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Vinyl windows

If you still don’t have vinyl windows, it is high time you made this investment because it will definitely be worth the while. Most windows let warm air escape from the house, which is why there is permanently cold in your home. Vinyl windows from companies such as Eco Choice Windows Canada will insulate your home properly and prevent warm air from escaping your house. You will soon start to see a noticeable drop in energy consumption. Even if you think that is not the main cause of your high energy bills, if you constantly feel a draft around the windows, you can bet that they play a role in how much you have to warm up your house to reach comfortable levels.


Insulate the attic

Aside from the windows, the attic is where most of the heat can escape the house and that is because warm air is lighter than cold one and it rises. This is why at the higher levels of your home it tends to be warmer and why insulating your attic will help you make major energy savings. In fact, you can expect your bills to drop with up to 30%, so the difference will be noticeable. While insulating your attic and replacing the windows will require an investment from your part, you will not only have to pay less to warm your home, but you will also be more comfortable in it.


Keep the thermostat in the room you are in

Rather than warming up the entire house even though there are a few rooms where you never enter, you should try keeping the thermostat in the room where you spend most of your time in. in addition, you can program it to stop when you are at work or while you are asleep and turn on automatically when you enter the house. If you feel that your schedule is too irregular to program it, you should make sure you stop it before you leave, just so that it does not turn on the heating while you are not in the house.


These are just a few ways of how you can save money with energy during the cold season. Even though some of these methods do require an investment from your part, you will definitely be glad for making it once you see how much you start to save. Since not having a drafty house will increase your comfort levels as well, this type of investment is always worth it, not to mention that it can actually increase the value of your home as well if you are planning to sell it in the future.