Important rules of any freight forwarders network

Any self-respecting forwarder network  will have a set of rules that all members have to respect in order to maintain its standards of quality. Since all members agree to the rules when they join the alliance, if you are planning to join an alliance such as The Cooperative Logistics Network, they will need to be familiar with the main rules they will have to respect, once they become members. Probably one of the most important rules is to maintain high standards of quality. Any network wants to maintain a good image when it comes to its members, but for this to happen all members have to offer high quality services and not disappoint their customers, which would later associate their image with the image of the entire alliance. In addition, all members of a respected alliance should maintain competitive rates. Overcharging for their services would again endanger the image of the entire alliance and cause problems to other members with lower rates.

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All alliances request their members to collaborate with each other on all matters. To this extent, when one of the other members sends you a sales lead, you should definitely respond as soon as possible. Like in any other situation, in order to collaborate successfully, all members should keep an open lime of communication and be there for each other. In addition, once you have started to work with a member of your alliance, you will need to pay your invoices in time to avoid any problems. Furthermore, you will probably need to display the logo of your alliance at all time. This is something that will definitely help your company, as it will allow potential customers to realize that you are part of a large organization and thus they will be more opened to doing business with you. All alliances offer their members the chance to attend regular meetings where they can discuss business and make new contacts. These meeting are a great way to meet other members of the alliance, so if you have the opportunity, you should not miss it, as you will certainly obtain several advantages in the process.


Other rules a freight forwarder network has usually involve advertising, payments and sales, all of which can be reviewed before joining it. The main purpose of these rules is to protect the members of the alliance, so by keeping them in mind, you will most certainly benefit. Even though some people may think the system does not work in their favor, the main goal of an alliance to protect its members and this can only be done if everyone abides to the same rules. If you are interested in joining a freight forwarder network, you probably already know the main benefits. In an economy where the main competition is formed out of large multinationals, being a part of an alliance really gives you an edge on the market and helps you be more successful in doing business with new clients and gaining new grounds.