Interesting Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

If you have a small bathroom, you may be worried that you won’t be able to put into practice your bathroom decorating ideas. If you cleverly use your bathroom space you will have no problem having a stylish and coquette design. You should think about how you can combine both functionality and style.

Essential decorating advice

While it may be tempting to try a DIY project, when it comes to decorating a more challenging space, such as a small bathroom, we advise you to work with professionals. A team of expert contractors and designers will know exactly how to make the most of a small space, and how to design a bathroom that suits your particular needs. For the best results, turn to KBR Kitchen and Bath, one of the best home remodeling companies. They employ both contractors and designers and they even work with modern software tools that show exactly how a space will look when combining different finishes and furniture pieces. Moreover, when working with a team of experts like KBR Kitchen and Bath, you can rest assured knowing that your project will be finished on time, and without extra costs. With that in mind, here are a few design ideas that are perfect for small bathrooms!

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Natural light

If you bathroom happens to have a natural source of light, no matter how little it may be you should not try to cover it. The more natural light you have in your bathroom, the better it will look after you have finished decorating it. It’s said that it’s not good to combine the artificial light with the natural light because it may be eye tiring. In order to avoid this discomfort you must make sure that both sources of light have different intensities. It’s preferable to choose the natural light to be the dominant one.

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Warm colors

Dark colors make the small spaces appear even smaller and more crowded. The best small bathroom decorating ideas involve the use of light colors, especially natural warm colors to brighten your little bathroom.

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Stylish functional details

Think about what stylish details you could have in your bathroom in order to beautify it. The sink frame, the bathroom cupboards must be projected to appear as light as possible so the atmosphere doesn’t seem too loaded.

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Stylish decorating details

Using light colors doesn’t mean that you must drop the lively decor details in your bathroom. You can decorate your walls to have wall tiles that combine with floor tiles in order to create a pattern.

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Large mirrors

Using large mirrors inside your bathroom will make it seem larger. If you have the possibility it would be perfect if you placed a mirror on an entire wall. You will have the illusion that your bathroom is twice as big than it actually is.

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Interesting bathroom storing solutions

Choosing a way to arrange furniture in your bathroom may not be an easy thing to do. However if you use some appropriate storing solutions you can find place to deposit all the things that you need in your little bathroom.

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Clear glass bathtub

Whether you choose to have a bathtub or a shower cabin in your bathroom, you should always choose the clear glass protection to go with it. Although it may not appear a very functional choice since the glass it’s see through, it will massively contribute to the style of your bathroom. It wouldn’t be such a good idea to choose an opaque glass because it will make your bathroom look fragmented and crowded.

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Toilet seat masked by bathroom cupboards

This pattern of placing the bathroom furniture is a lovely choice that would fit any small bathroom. After all you don’t need to have a spacious bathroom in order to have a stylish home.