Interesting Girls Bedroom Designs for Every Age and Taste

When you think about girls bedroom designs, the customary pink color inevitably comes to your mind, although not every room must include this stereotype. There are various ways to obtain chic and age-appropriate bedrooms that will satisfy every girl’s tastes.

Age appropriate designs

Choose a design that will suit the age of the owner, as well as their tastes and life style. Little girls bedroom designs are definitely different from teenage girls bedrooms, depending on their tastes and vision. A little girl will adore a pink bedroom filled with butterfly while an older girl would certainly opt for a more mature aspect.
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Cartoon or movie character patterns

According to age or preferences, you can go for a certain theme for the design, for example, a fairy tale, a movie scene or a specific animal. Little girls love princesses and cartoon characters, therefore, a Hello Kitty print will look great on the carpet or as a wall sticker, or a flowers and butterflies print. As for bigger girls, you can choose a movie character, or a leopard or dots print.

Colorful bedrooms are interesting and relaxing

Most little girls are crazy about pink and want this color to dominate their private space. In order to keep the utility of the bedroom over time, refrain yourself from choosing pink furniture. Instead, go for pink objects and decorations you can change, such as the curtains, a pink lamp or a panel on the wall where the girl can stick her favorite pictures. Dare to combine two strong colors on a pale background or count on pastel colors for a smooth result. Girls bedroom designs don’t necessarily have to contain pink, thus you can also go for blue, purple, green or yellow. The idea is to keep a feminine tendency with the help of furniture and decorations, not precisely with pink color.
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Both useful and beautiful bedrooms

To gain space, choose to buy furniture adapted to a small bedroom. For example, invest in a bed with storage space and custom made furniture that will fit in the most narrow and unused spaces in the room. Create different areas of the room each having a utility. The bed will be the sleeping area, the desk will be the working area, the mirror chest will be the grooming area or the toy box will be the playing area, depending on the girls’ age. This way, every item will have its place and the room will feel relaxed and uncluttered.