Interior Design Solutions for Seniors

As people get old, their needs and life perspectives change due to their new health estate. The loss of mobility and visibility, the weakened body or various diseases force seniors to change their habits and even make home modifications in order to find the best interior design solutions for their new life conditions.

Adapt the amount of light to their visibility

Smart and safe interior design solutions include adapting the house’s illuminating system to the needs of the seniors. Install sensor lighting systems both indoors and outdoors, so that seniors will easily see they way through the house. Also, change the light switches with sensor models that allow them to turn on the lights without wandering along the walls. Apply many lamps on the hallways and in every room, in order to avoid tripping in the dark.
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Fire represents an imminent danger

Even if you have installed a fire alarm, it is better to prevent accidents that can result from improper use of sources of heat, fire or gas and get an electric igniter that will go on and off with the touch of a button, or replace the old stove with an electric stove with electric ignition system, thus eliminating the use of matches. If you’re afraid of gas leakage and you think your elderly are not skilful enough to remember they left the gas open, then use safety systems, gas detectors or simply provide permanent means of ventilation. There are safety systems for everything and depending on your needs, you can secure cabinets, stoves, refrigerators or windows.

Help seniors move easier

Losing their skills and abilities is the first inconvenience seniors have to face. Former normal activities such as climbing the stairs become painful and difficult, therefore, one of the best interior design solutions for seniors is installing a stair lift that will help them easily go from one floor to another. This useful device consisting in a chair or a platform that you mount on the stair rail is the perfect trick to allow seniors to climb stairs without the danger of falling or tripping. According to the reviews published on, the latest models are very safe, comfortable and can be adjusted to any house based on anyone’s needs.

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Eliminate the possibility of slipping

The slippery surfaces in the bathroom, kitchen, hallway or bedroom represent one of the main dangers of injury. Although it is more comfortable just enjoying flooring or tiles, in order to remove the danger of slippery floors you should completely cover them with carpets. However, small pieces of carpet or rugs are not too safe and combined with wood or tile floors, they can lead to a slip. You can opt for non-slippery shoes or socks you can find in pharmacies or you can install some handrails along the hallways and in the bathroom.

Find good mattresses

Most seniors have back problems. As such, basic inner spring mattresses may cause them to wake up with back aches. The best mattresses for seniors are foam mattresses which adapt to the user’s body shape, while still providing an optimal level of comfort. Check out the reviews on in order to see which are the best memory foam mattresses that will ease the nights of elderly people.