Key questions about aluminum recycling


Every day you go to the grocery store and you get a couple of aluminum cans, some of them contain juice, other vegetables and so on, But have you every thought what happens with the cans from the point when you throw them in the recycle bin? Well, you should know that they are not recycled at all, they get incinerated or sent to a landfill. This harms the environment, because for every new can there have to used virgin materials, and their extraction and manufacture imply using a lot of energy, and releasing of toxic materials. It is wiser to recycle aluminum because in this way, a lot of jobs would be generated and the natural resources would be preserved. Aluminum recycling Mississauga has a positive impact on the community, because it generates jobs and it helps at the maintaining of a clean environment, which would influence the health of the people on long term.

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How much metal is recycled every year?

Let’s take for example the cans made from aluminium, less than a half of the ones which are bought every year are recycled, and the others are thrown away, or they get at a landfill. So, this means that a great number of the cans you throw in the recycle bin, if not all of them get incinerated and they would not be transformed in new products. For a clear image, you should take every country, because for some of them the situation is better. For example, Finland, Switzerland and Norway are able to recycle 90% from the aluminium items used.

What impact has recycled aluminum on communities?

The thing is that people have slowly started to understand the importance of recycling not only aluminum items, but also products made from different types of metals. So people are recycling more every year, but it is still not enough. For example only in the USA people are throwing so much metal that if it would be to scrap the metal products that are thrown away in three months, it would be enough to build a new airplane fleet. For every one of these items, a new one is made from virgin materials, and this means that the natural resources are slowly decreasing.

How much energy is saved when recycling aluminum?

Using the recycled aluminum would help the planet to save 90 or even 95% from the bauxite ore, which is the main source of aluminum. It does not matter what the final products are, you can make cookware, roof gutters or cans, it is more energy efficient to use the materials recycled, that using virgin natural resources. Moreover, if you want to see it in numbers, you should know that if you recycle one pound of aluminum you would be able to save 7 kWh of electricity. And when it comes to the energy used to make a can from bauxite, you should know that the process requires using the same energy that is used to make 20 ones from recycled aluminum.