Long span shelving – from A to Z

When your business requires advanced warehouse management, choosing the right shelving options is an extremely important process that cannot be left to chance. Considering the staggering variety of options and the considerable technicality of the subject, many warehouse managers feel overwhelmed and go for a random choice, without knowing the it can affect their productivity, health and safety. Complex as it may be, industrial-grade shelving can be understood. It all comes down to understanding the nature of the goods you want to store and pinpointing a supplier that is ready to meet the highest demands. One type of shelving that you should start research from is long span shelving – a versatile solution that applies in many cases and that can save you a lot of space. If the term doesn’t sound familiar, here’s what you should know.

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What is long span shelving?


It is a type of shelving suitable for long items, especially pipes. And, since most long items also tend to be heavy, long span shelving can withstand this. These shelves are manufactured specifically for industrial storage requirements, using durable materials such as a steel and they are made to last. To maximise storage, they also come in multiple levels. This way you can optimise space by storing bulky items vertically. Long span shelving is typically loaded by hand, so it’s not as heavy duty as pallet racking, for instance.


Is it really necessary?


If you store long items in your warehouse, then you definitely need long span shelving. Resorting to a shelving system suitable for short or medium items can be dangerous and unproductive. On the one hand, your pipes or other long items simply won’t fit and they risk falling. No one likes working in a disorganised space, so why should your productivity be affected by the wrong choice of storage? On the other hand, if bulky items do not fit properly on shelves and they fall, the health and safety of your warehouse staff can be put in jeopardy. Ensuring safe working conditions is a must, so you should know that if your storage space does not comply with regulations, you risk getting a fine.


Things to discuss with your supplier


If you’ve decided that long span shelving is the most suitable option for your requirements, it’s time to get in touch with a professional provider in your area and see how this storage solution can be implemented in your warehouse. For example, depending on the number of items that you are currently storing or plan on storing, you might have to choose a multi-level system. Materials may also range, so make sure you touch on this subject too. Needless to say, in your initial consultation you should also ask a few reliability questions just to make sure that your warehouse is in the right hands. You should get a guarantee that the shelving systems are new, not second hand and that you are getting warranty with your purchase.