Maintain the beauty of your crystal chandelier – clean it properly

As you already know it is quite expensive to purchase crystal chandeliers for all the rooms in your house, and you do not afford to change them as often as you would do with other type of lighting fixtures. Therefore, you have to be sure that you proper maintain and care them, because this is the only way you would be able to maintain their properties, and avoid damaging them. As with any appliance, chandeliers maintain their beauty if you care them on a regularly basis, so you have to do some research and see what the cleaning process implies. When it comes to indoor lighting people tend to forget to clean them, because as long as they provide light, they do not check their state. But, this situation should be avoided. Here are some recommendations that would help you efficiently clean the crystal chandeliers.

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Time for cleaning

The main question you might have in mind is how often you should clean the crystal fixtures. Well, you should be prepared for this, because it would be a long laborious task, and you should clean it at least once a month, if you do not want the dust to form a coat on the surface of the lighting fixture.

Use the drip dry method

When you use this method, you have to buy a quality glass cleaner, and if you want to be sure that you will not damage the crystal chandelier, you also have the possibility to buy a product designed especially for this type of lighting fixtures. Do not forget to switch off the light before staring the cleaning process. After you spray the product, you should leave it for some time to act by itself, and use a smooth cloth to remove the dust and dirt from it.

Use a special glove

You might have noticed on the market that there are some fluffy gloves, which are placed close to the glass cleaning products. Well, they are designed to ease the cleaning process of chandeliers. This does not mean that you would not have to use cleaning products, but the glove would help you clean the lighting fixture easier. In case you consider that the crystal chandelier needs a more thorough cleaning, you have the possibility to completely remove it from the ceiling, and clean it on the floor. In this situation, you would definitely need help from one of your family members, because there is the risk to crack it, while you try to remove it from the ceiling.