Myths about artificial grass you should stop believing

Nowadays, numerous people have decided to replace the natural grass in their back yard with artificial one, since the latter type comes with a series of great benefits. The moment you decide to install synthetic grass in your garden is also the moment you have to do some detailed online research and look for the best company in the domain and you can start the research with artificial grass installed by Grono. Nevertheless, you may have heard numerous myths about this type of grass over the years, so here are some of the most popular myths debunked.

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#1 – it is dangerous for children

This is probably one of the most popular myths related to synthetic grass – the fact that it is dangerous for children, when it fact it is not. There are more chances for children to get bitten by insects or to get allergies due to the pesticides used when playing in natural grass than in the case of synthetic one. The reason is that artificial grass does not require the use of any pesticides and it is chemical-free.

#2 – it does not drain well

Many people have claimed to experience that their artificial lawn has poor drainage, but this happened only because they resorted to artificial grass of poor quality. It is mandatory to do detailed online research and select the best company that offers only high quality products and services.

#3 – it becomes very hot under the sun

There is this misconception that artificial grass is simply made form plastic, which obviously leads to high level of absorption of heat, but truth is the fibres have the purpose of dissipating the sunrays and reducing heat. What is more, synthetic grass is way cooler to touch compared to stones or cement under the sun for instance.

#4 – it is only used in sporting events

Although synthetic grass can be found on football fields, tennis courts or any other sports areas, it is important to know that these are not the only places where this type of grass can be found. You can install it in your own garden or even on a rooftop if you want, the only thing remaining is deciding on the right company in the domain.

#5 – it does not require any maintenance

Although artificial grass is well-known for its low maintenance, it still requires some every once in a while. You may not have to throw pesticides on it, to water it on a daily basis or to mow it, but you still should sweep it and brush it every once in a while in order to keep its fresh green colour and great aspect.

As you can see, these are some of the most popular myths related to artificial grass you should definitely stop believing. There are numerous benefits that come with installing it, such as reducing the amount of water used and even the amount of time for maintaining it, which means that you can have more quality time to spend with your family and friends.