Playing 5 aside football – why, when, where?

Almost everybody loves football, but not all people are able to practice this sport. The majority of them prefer watching the others play, on stadium or television, but this is not exactly the right attitude. Thus, here are some situations when you definitely need to start playing football. In fact, you also need to join a 5aside league because it is a hassle-free experience.

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You are the manager of a company

Being the manager of a company is not exactly an easy thing to do, especially because the responsibility is very high. In most of the cases, you have to take care of everything, starting with strategies and papers and ending with your employees’ mood. Thus, why do not you try to form a football team and join a 5 aside league? But in case you wonder where to play 5 aside football in London, you do not have to worry because there are plenty of place close to your home. But, in case your employees are not interested, you can impress your business partners by inviting them to play together. It is also a good excuse for negotiating. After doing sport people have the tendency to feel better and maybe you will convince them to accept another deal.

You want to keep fit and healthy

One of the biggest challenges in the 21th century is keeping fit and healthy. Why is that so? You can blame the unhealthy food and also the long list of excuses that people make for avoiding practising sport. But, if you decide to play 5 aside football you will see that you will get that summer body that you have been yarning for.

You have been feeling stressed out lately

Believe it or not, playing football, in a 5 aside league may help you relax. Forget about the daily struggle, take you friends and go playing. The best part of joining a league is that you can play it regularly. Or, in case your friends are not into football, you can sign up yourself and the organizers will find a team for you.

You want to socialise

Finding people who have the same hobby as you is also a thing which can help you become a sociable person. Or, if you are a parent and you see that your boy is too shy, you can help him by asking him to join a 5 aside football league.