Remodel your attic on a budget

Most people dream about having an attic on their house, so if you are lucky enough to have the space but not use it, then it is time you thought about a remodeling project. This part of your home can be as useful as any other room, such as the bedroom or the living room, so you should take advantage. Furthermore, it has become an actual trend in terms of interior design to have a bohemian room on top of the house, so whether you want to have your own oasis, design a home office or just create some more space, you should get started. Although this may seem a playful project that you can do yourself, keep in mind that you will need specialized advice and invest some money. If you cannot afford spending too much, then the wise thing to do is make a budget plan and respect it diligently.

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Which is the average cost for an attic remodel?

Before starting to buy materials and hire a contractor, you will have to do your homework and find out which are the average costs of such a project. You can look up on the internet, but you will find the most relevant data in specialized magazines and catalogs belonging to several companies. You will see how the expenses vary depending on what you want to transform the attic into: a bedroom, guest room, home office or storage space. In terms of real estate, if you choose to make a bedroom out of your unused attic, this may increase the value of your property, so on a long term it seems to be the most sustainable decision. Besides the actual design and construction, you will also have to consider attic insulation cost, decorations and additional supply systems (you will have to provide electrical wiring, lightning and so on).


How can you create a forecasted budget?

Once you learn the average costs and you make up your mind about what you want, you can start creating the forecasted budget. As a matter of fact, there are no rules about establishing the sum you want to spend, but real estate specialists say that you should invest an amount proportional with the entire property valuation. This is practical also from an aesthetic point of view, because a luxurious attic in a simple house will lead to a strong contrast. For example, if a kitchen remodeling process will cost you about 10%, the attic should expenses not exceed 15% of the house value. The different of percentage is due to the fact that attic restoration also involves other smaller operations, such as pluming, insolation, building or restoring stairs and adding new installations.


Are there any unexpected costs?

This cannot be foreseen from the beginning, but you should know that experts advise homeowners to be prepared fir surprises. You may have to straighten the floors, change windows, add doors and buy special furniture. This means that you need have a buffer amount of money for unexpected situations, which are likely to arise regardless the improvement project. All in all, 10 per cent of the total budget should be dedicated to surprise expenses.