Romantic Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Since people don’t have enough time to buy flowers and other gifts anymore, other types of measures must be taken to keep the flame burning in a couple. So, here are some romantic bedroom decorating ideas that will help you keep things interesting between you and your significant other.

Enhanced beds

One of the most romantic bedroom decorating ideas involves enhancing your bed by adding a beautiful headboard to achieve your goal. Giving that people’s preferences are different, we searched for the best headboards that would meet anyone’s expectations:

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  • Antique Headboard

If you want to know how it would have been to live in Italy in the 19th-century, we recommend you to decorate your bedroom using an antique headboard. We guarantee you that such an impressive ornament will turn into the centerpiece of the room.

  • Eclectic Headboard

An upholstered colorful headboard can brighten up the place making it look more cheerful and happy. Therefore, you should use one of the romantic bedroom decorating ideas which suggest using a floral, eclectic headboard to add a special vibe to the room.

  • Venetian Headboard

Venice is the most romantic places in the world, so why shouldn’t you use a Venetian element to make your bedroom look more chic and romantic? A Venetian-inspired headboard can be paired with red velvet curtains for a magical effect.


In order to create a nice ambiance in your bedroom, you need to forget about overhead lighting, because your goal is to create highlights, shadows, and soft glows. Giving that overhead lighting is not very flattering, we advise you to replace it by placing lamps with warm shades on each side of the bed. Keep in mind to opt for bulbs that are less than 60 watts. If you want to create a greater impact, you should use peach-tinted bulbs instead of white bulbs, because everybody can look great in this light. Candlelight is also a great choice for making your bedroom more welcoming, but you should do your best to eliminate the risk of a fire hazard, as that can really ruin your disposition.


Rosy Glow

When it comes to adding more romance to a place, opting for rosy sheers for the windows and red lighting lamps is the best thing you can do. Everyone looks rosy and tan in a rosy glow, so this idea is very complimentary to the skin, and it can work miracles for those who want to feel more comfortable every time they enter their bedroom.

Subtle pink

A subtle glow of pink has the ability to increase the feeling of romance, so we recommend you to use pink elements to decorate your room. Pink pillows or a wallpaper with pink motifs will definitely make the place look very dreamy and charming, so all you have to do is use your imagination to create an outstanding bedroom design.