Searching for a Whole House Water Filter that Can Meet Your Needs

Installing a water filter in your house is the best thing you can do when you want to protect your family from the devastating impact of water contaminants. Moreover, a whole house water filter can offer clean water through every faucet of your house, ensuring safe water for drinking, but also safe water for bathing and showering. Most people are not aware of the fact that warm water opens skin pores, allowing water contaminants to enter the human body during showers, leading to dry skin and other inconveniences. So, a water filter that can cover your entire house is essential for creating a safe environment. Still, how to find a unit that can meet your needs?

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Identify the pollutants that exist in your tap water

If your water comes from a public water supply, and not from your own well, you must call your local water supplier to ask information about the quality of the water. Water supplies can be contaminated by different types of pollutants, so you need to buy a water filter that can remove the exact type of contaminants that you deal with.  Therefore, you must ask for a water report. If you don’t know who your local water supplier is, you will find proper contact information on your water bill. Furthermore, although you might be assured that your tap water is safe to drink, you must insist on finding out what type of impurities it contains. Public water suppliers are required to offer their customers any type of information regarding the quality of their water.

What does a consumer confidence report normally contain?

The United States Environmental Protection Agency requires water suppliers to offer water quality reports to their customers. These reports must contain the following information:

  1. The source of the water (lake, river, etc).
  2. A short summary of the predilection to contamination of the water source.
  3. The type and the level of contaminants found in the local water. The most common pollutants discovered in tap water are  chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, fluoride, copper, rust and lead.
  4. The source of impurities in the water supply.
  5. The effect that the discovered contaminants can have on human health.
  6. Educational information on Cryptosporidium, nitrate,  lead and arsenic in zones where these pollutants exist above 50% of the Environmental Protection Agency‘s standard.

After detecting the type of impurities that exist in your tap water, you can search for a water filter that was specifically designed to eliminate the same type of contaminants that you water contains. Once you get it over with the two tasks presented above, look for the best whole house water filter system reviews.

Although the whole house water filter market is just starting to develop, there are still a great number of choices available on the market. You would be surprised to discover how much seemingly similar products can differ from one brand to another. We advise you to visit a water filter reviews website before deciding to buy a particular filter. We recommend You will see that only the best whole house water filter system reviews can give you specific details about a certain product such as durability, ease of use pr maintenance requirements.