Smart ways to find a water leak on your property


It is advisable to check the state of your plumbing system from time to time because if it is not in a good shape, it would lead to high bills later. In addition, if they experience major issues, a leak might damage the structure of your house, so this means that you would have unexpected expenses, and you would have to pay more, than you would do, if you would ask a professional company as to come and check. They have experts who would be able to detect a leak quickly and offer you a solution for solving it. If you have a leak on your line it can cost you a lot of money, but if you are not sure if it is the case to call the specialists or not, you should check the state of the plumbing system by your own.

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Check the plumbing valves

Depending on the way the system of your property is designed, it might feature valves that are directly attached to the drain, and in this case they might leak and you might not even notice. One way of checking the state of the pressure relief valve is to remove the drainpipe and to check it, but in case you cannot do it, you should listen to it, and see if you notice a hissing sound.

Check the toilet

You should check the state of the toilet, because in many cases it experiences leaks. You only have to remove the top of the tank and listen it closely. Sometimes you would be able to locate the area of the leak, and in this case, you can ask the specialists come and repair it.

Check the line running from the house to the meter

In this situation, it might be difficult to identify the leak by its sound, and you would have to ask a specialist come and check it because they have experience. There are many different ways of seeing if you have a leak between the house and the meter, but one of them would be to shut the shut-off valve temporarily and watch the dial on the top of the meter.

Check the showerhead

Have you ever woke up in the evening hearing the water running? Well, in this case, the showerhead might be damaged and you would have to remove it and replace it with a new one, because it leaks. These are smart ways of checking by your own if your plumbing system has leaks, but you can also ask a specialist do the job.