Some popular myths about bug zappers

In the last period, people have begun to invest more in more in smart devices such as electric bug zappers which have the role to help them get rid mosquitos, flies and other types of insects. But there is also true that there are some popular myths about these products and we would like to present you the most common of them, in order to make things clear. Here we go.

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#1 Electric bug zappers have a poisonous effect on people

This is not true. Actually, this is not entirely true. Experts say that the majority of such devices are safe for humans’ health, but it is indicated to keep them at a certain distance. For example, you should not put them close to your window or door because you may have the impression that they affect your air or cause you headaches. But sometimes it is just that: an impression.

On the other hand, if you want to avoid accidents, you should definitely choose those models which are equipped with an outer enclosure. This accessory has the role to protect children who may have the tendency to play close to such devices because they look attractive. And if you want to know more about this thing, maybe a good idea is to try reading some information from

#2 An electric insect killer is very expensive!

This is also a fake concept. There are a lot of electric insect killers which can have some affordable prices. But you should look for promotions. For example, you can ask for the help of those sites which deal with comparing prices. Also, the reviews have an important role in this case. Of course, there are models which can be situated in the category of expensive products, but sometimes it is not necessary to invest in them. Moreover, you should be careful because you can invest in a product which comes with a low price, but which also has a high consumption when it comes to energy. And that makes it expensive.

#3 Electric bug zappers can cover your whole area!

If you believe that, it means that you have not chosen your product wisely. There are various models of bug zappers. Some of them can cover areas up to 8,000 square feet. But our advice is to think rationally. If you do not need a product which can cover such a large surface, you should definitely save some money and choose one with a lower effect.

#4 Bug zappers do not kill insects. They just make them feel dizzy!

It also depends on the product that you choose. But, even if it sounds hard to believe, the majority of the products kill insects. In fact, insects are attracted by the light of the electric bug zapper and then they become feeling dizzy. After a certain period of time, they just die. But, on the other hand, there are products which kill the insects instantly.

#5 Some insect sprays are more efficient than bug zappers!

It is true that some sprays can be considered efficient, but they cannot be used outside. So, when you take into consideration both aspects, bug zappers can be considered more efficient.