Spider lift hire – what are the benefits?


When you have a roof to fix or some fitting to do inside of a building, having some specialist tracked platforms such as spider lifts can actually make the work a lot easier and help you save a great deal of time. These platforms get their name from their legs, which allow you to have flexible access and which provide not only balance, but also safety during use. If you want to know what the benefits of spider lift hire actually are, then the rest of the article should help you clear these things out for you.

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They are narrow

It was already mentioned that these spider lifts can be used in a selection of jobs and this is also one of the greatest benefits of hiring one. You can use the platform both indoors and outdoors for various tasks since it is narrow enough to fit even in a small room or a tight space and it can get big enough to reach high roofs for instance.

They are light in terms of weight

Another great advantage that comes with using this type of platforms instead of other machineries is that spider lifts are much more lightweight. They are easier to transport and do not require a heavy weight truck to be moved, as it happens in the case of other specialist machinery for instance.

They are extremely flexible

These specialist tracked platforms are specifically designed with multiple hinges built in their arms and this is what gives them high level of flexibility. It makes it easier for them to work around other things, obstacles or machinery, not to mention that their typical working outreach is about 10 m high, so people can easily reach high ceilings and rooftops.

They are safe and stable

Contrary to what most people believe, these specialist tracked platforms confer both stability and safety, although they are also known as “spider” lifts. It is important to note the fact that they were specifically designed to be used on unstable or uneven ground that other types of machinery cannot access. This means that they can be used on ground areas such as rural ground or slopes for example, since they can successfully cope with various grounds.

As it can be seen, these are some very good reasons why you should definitely consider hiring spider lifts the moment you decide to engage in a repairing or construction project.