Steps to follow when organizing an outdoor theatre play

Being in charge with organizing certain outdoor events comes with both benefits and disadvantages. Some great benefits are that you gather experience, become better in this domain and meet some amazing people every time a new event is coming, whereas some disadvantages are that it can be quite a demanding and stressful task, since you have to take into account a series of important aspects. From actors to stage drapes and other necessary equipment, everything has to be perfect. Here are some useful tips to keep in mind that might help you in this process.

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Consider your budget

When organizing a theatre event, be it an outdoor or indoor one, the first and most important aspect you have to take into consideration is the budget available for the project. Calculate the available funds from the very beginning in order to have a clearer idea upon how to spend the money as efficient as possible. In case the show is an expensive one, you can resort to fundraising in order to be able to put in practice all the ideas you have in mind for this project.

Make a list of the things you need

It is recommended to make a list of all the things you need for the outdoor theatre event, so write down all the necessary equipment, such as stage curtains, lighting, scenery fittings, acoustic equipment and so on. If you believe this goes beyond your duties, you can resort to professional advice and ask someone who is more familiar with this domain to help you with this aspect.

Choose the right stage equipment provider

The next step in this process is to do some detailed research on the internet in order to find the best stage equipment provider in the region. It is not recommended to rush into choosing the first one you find, but rather compare the providers you have found and see which one has the best offer. You can create a list for this as well that includes the names of those providers and some details to help you make the difference between them, such as a price list, the equipment and tools they provide and if they also offer installation services or not. You should know this is an important aspect, because some companies only deal with transporting the tools you have ordered to the specific address, but do not also provide installation services, in which case you have to hire another company. It is advisable to opt for one that offers both transportation and installation services, because it is both timesaving and more cost-effective.

Consider the location

Last but not least, since the event is being organized outdoors, you have to consider the location. There are certain aspects here to keep in mind as well, such as how big the event is, how many spectators are about to come, how big you need the stage to be and so on. Make sure you have enough space for everything you have in plan and you will have the perfect outdoor theatre event.