Stylish Infrared Heat Panels for a Modern Minimalist Interior Design

What defines a modern minimalist interior design? Such an interior design style is defined first of all by precise lines. Unlike other interior designs where all the interior decor elements blend together creating a whole, the minimalist style highlights each of the major elements in a room. For example, in a minimalist living, the couch, the entertainment unit, and the carpet are highlighted in a standalone manner. Furthermore, the minimalist style leaves little room for decoration and all appliances are hidden or masked. As such, you can imagine that it can be quite challenging to find a heating solution that matches modern interior design ideas. However, we did a little digging around and we found the optimal solution: the infrared heating technology.

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How does the infrared heating technology work?

Infrared heaters are great for big, drafty rooms. They don’t heat the air around them, just the people and the objects within their range. As such, they don’t consume a lot of energy struggling to heat up large drafty rooms. Moreover, they provide instant heat, requiring no warming up time. These type of heaters come in numerous shapes, but our favorite models are the panel heaters.

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Why infrared heat panels?

There are countless types of infrared heaters. Most of the models suited for indoor use are shaped like contemporary cabinets, while the infrared patio heaters are either shaped like lamp posts or can be mounted on the walls. However, infrared heat panels are by far the most stylish type of infrared heaters. What makes an infrared heat panel perfect for a modern minimalist interior design is the slim shape and the customizable facade. Basically, an infrared heat panel is no thicker than a painting and you can actually customize its facade with your favorite painting. This is by far the most versatile heating solution, in terms of design. These panels can match all modern interior design ideas, but they can also be integrated to other decorating styles.

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Which rooms can you heat with infrared panels?

Basically, an infrared heat panel can be used in any room of the house. In the living room, you can customize your panel with an abstract painting in order to match your modern minimalist interior design. In the kitchen, you can choose whatever facade goes best with your kitchen interior. Our favorite types of infrared heaters are the ones that look like mirrors. These heaters are great for minimalist bathrooms, but they can also complement any other type of bathroom interior. An infrared heat panel can be a spot of color in a room with a neutral design but it can also be hidden in the background of a colorful room.