The Best Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas for Your Front Yard

During Christmas holidays, everyone thinks about decorating their house in a Christmas theme, buys a Christmas tree that they adorn with tiny lights and shiny globes, but few think about decorating their yards or front alleys. However, if you live in a house with a yard, you can put into practice many outdoor Christmas decoration ideas that will bring the Christmas spirit in the neighborhood. All you have to do is decide how you want to decorate your yard, and then get all your family together for a fun family activity. If you don’t own outdoor decorations, we advise you to check out some holiday shopping tips and start buying your decorations as soon as possible. After all, nobody wants to go shopping during the Christmas madness in December.

Install shiny colorful lights

Lighting systems are among the most popular outdoor Christmas decoration ideas and rightly so, because they are the most spectacular. While reading some holiday shopping tips, we learned that you can get great deals on holiday lights if you buy them online, especially if you buy them off season. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, lighting systems can be applied outside the house, on the windows, the porch, the eaves, and anywhere in the garden, in the trees, on the fences and along the alleys. Larger versions of Christmas bulbs can be inserted in the area around the house, however don’t abuse them, as they are more impressive and consume more energy. Place them discreetly in the trees or on the porch for a fancy look.
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Bright Christmas decorations are excellent ideas

Besides classical lighting installations, you can find available on the market lots of bright figurines of various sizes, perfect for decorating your garden for Christmas. From Santa Claus and Snowmen to bells and shooting stars, you can use them to bring the spirit of the holidays outside your home. Santa’s sleigh dragged by reindeer or huge Christmas presents will beautify your yard and will help you show off in front of your neighbors.

Decorate the trees in your yard

If you have fir trees in your yard, this is the best opportunity to make them shine, literally. Insert light strings around their branches similar to the way you adorned the Christmas tree in your living room, thus creating a true Christmas mood. If you don’t have fir trees, regular trees should do the trick, just make sure you don’t make them look kitsch.
Use fir tree garlands on the porch and the front door and along the window frames and the eaves. You can purchase ready-made garlands decorated with bells, pine cones or red ribbons.
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Recreate the night Baby Jesus was born

Statuettes resembling the birth scene are wonderful outdoor Christmas decoration ideas. Assemble a manger in front of your house and place figurines of the Virgin and the Child, along with the three Wise Men. Light the background with some discreet shiny stars, and you will have the perfect Christmas night décor.