The three best-known Banksy representations

By this time, the entire world has heard of Banksy. He is no longer a dot on the great map of art. He is much more than that. Banksy is the future, the undeniable, annoying future and present. While some viewers might choose to shut their eyes in front of Banksy’s art, its message cannot be denied. For this reason, it should not come as a surprise that Banksy canvas prints are incredibly popular among the public. Whether it is the message or the aspect of the print that makes people invest in Banksy is less important. What matters is that art goes on and survives, no matter how modern or hard to understand it might seem. Perhaps you might be wondering what the top three most sought after canvas prints belonging to this artist are. Well, here they are.

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The Flower rage canvas


When thinking of Banksy most people imagine this particular representation. It is clearly, without a doubt the most representative symbol for Banksy’s entire art. The man, clearly dressed as a hooligan, having some violent ideas on what to do next, instead of pulling out a gun, chooses to throw a flower bouquet. Whether Banksy is blaming the violent attitude of young protesters or helping the world understand that violence is not necessarily a trait of the modern society remains open for discussions.


The mobile phone lovers


This is a canvas of and about the modern society. This is how the artist and not only understands the modern world and chooses to represent it. The truth is that it is hard to argue with Banksy on the topic, because this is exactly how the modern individual behaves. The mobile phone has turned into an extension of the body and you cannot escape it. It might as well as be the most powerful drug of all times, because it is necessary. There is no way of giving it up.


Graffiti is a crime


In this representation, Banksy shows a bit of the personal side of things. While he is a well-known graffiti artist and although he started his work painting the walls of buildings in an illegal manner, his work became treasure, proving what wonders can come about from crossing the line. Furthermore, if you look close enough, you will notice that the children in the canvas are dressed in a old fashioned manner, as opposed to the phenomenon of graffiti, which is rather recent. This is Banksy, bringing together the old and the new in a natural and sometimes, alarming manner. No wonder his art speaks so loud.