Things you did not know about gardening


Having a garden is a great asset for any family, not only because it embellishes the exterior of their house but also because it can be the perfect oasis during the hot summer days. On the one hand, greenery is often associated with joy, as well as gardening. On the other, this does not come without strings attached, because taking care of plants is not something that comes in handy for most people. Learning some tips is very easy, but how about the things that no one will tell you? Here are some of the most common things you may not know if you are not a professional gardener:

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Cutting the trees is good

If you are a nature lover, then you will say that this cannot be true. However, think about a tree that has been growing too close to your roofs and is pressing on them every time the wind blows, or an old one whose roots are getting out of the ground, right under the floors of your house. These can become a real danger for you and your family, so the best thing you could do is get in touch with a company specialized in tree removal Dublin. They will help you eliminate the risks and have a neat and safe garden. If you only want to remove some branches, then you must know that cutting trees and shrubs should not happen only before spring, but also before the frosty winter, because they will be affected by cold, ice and snow. In addition to this, trimming will help you control the size they will have as soon as they start greening and blooming.


You cannot choose a better time to plant than autumn

Contrary to the common belief, experts say that fall is the best time to seed. So do some planning and planting and start your gardening project sooner this year. Test the soil, prepare it and add nutrients if necessary, because autumn will help you have the best garden the next spring and summer. Fill some more areas with flowers or hedge, so that the landscape will have a new aspect the following year and look even better. Besides this, if you need to divide or re-space any flowers (some of them need this process regularly, since they require more room to bloom correctly in the warm season), you should start working after the heat goes away and before snow starts to fall.


Evergreens need watering too

This really is a piece of information unknown to most people: you may think that evergreens are timeless and need no special care, but this is completely false. During the hot season, they should be soaked with supplemental water, at least once a week, unless you want them to go dry and never recover their healthy aspect. Furthermore, they need watering constantly, especially before winter, because the frost has the same effect as the heat – it burns plants, including the most resistant ones. As you can see, evergreens have to be well hydrated up until the ground starts to frost, especially in September and October, to keep them green throughout the whole year. The same goes for the evergreens that have their roots in sandy soils.