Things you need to know before reupholstering furniture


Reupholstering the furniture is a choice that many people are required to make at some point in their life. The cosy chair that you spend time curling up to will eventually lose its lustre and the fabric will become ripped. So, taking into consideration that your favourite piece of furniture is dyeing, should you get rid of it or not? You actually do not have to dispose of the sofa when you can do something to save it. More precisely, you can invest in upholstery repairs. You will be literally amazed at the transformation that can occur with reupholstering. As long as your furniture is structurally strong, you have the opportunity to give it a new life by reupholstering it. Thanks to the right upholstery suppliers, your beloved piece of furniture will be around for years to come. Your sofa will be without any doubt comparable to a new one.

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Get to know the cost

If the item has been properly cared for, then you are ensured that it is in good shape. If the sofa or chair has been abused or has undergone some handyman repairs over the years, then you should say goodbye. It does not matter is the structure is a little bit wobbly on the side or if it is not very strong. You can still have the piece of furniture repaired, but if you are not sure you can have a company take it apart for you and tell you if it is worth reupholstering. The cost will vary according to region, fabric choice and the details of the project. Fortunately, you can get an estimate for the labour work.

Major surgery

To put it broadly, reupholstering is similar to surgery in the sense that the furniture will be stripped down to the bare frame, after which it is rebuilt. This certainly explains the high cost of such a project, but is it in fact worth the financial effort? The project is worth the financial effort because you will get a “new” piece of furniture in return. When you pick the item that you want renewed, you should evaluate the state of the frame. What is not fit for such a project is a sofa that is easy to lift or a lightweight chair. You can dispose yourself of these possessions without any remorse. On the other hand, if the frame is slightly heavier, it will do just fine. Not only will it make a good base, but it will provide you quality and comfort.

Fabric options

When choosing the fabric for the piece of furniture, you should take into account the weight and the back of the fabric. The weight will depend largely on where the piece will be used. For example, if you are planning to re-condition furniture that will go into the bedroom, then you should stay away from heavy-duty fabric. For the living room, heavy-duty and non-upholstery-weight fabric will work fine. But why would you need to look at the back of the fabric? The reason why you should do this is to see the rating. The rating is determined by the abrasion resistance test and it is widely used for commercial fabrics.