Things you should know about Philippine cuisine before going on vacation


Things can get a bit hectic before going on a holiday to the Philippines and if you’re also taking your kids with you, you should take some time in advance to plan every step thoroughly. There are a lot of things to keep in mind, from travelling and accommodation options to itineraries and customs regulations. With so many aspects to consider, it can be tempting to forget things that may seem minor at first, but that can totally change your vacation. Philippine cuisine, for instance, is something that you should definitely look into in advance, so you know what to expect. When travelling with kids, having the big picture of what you will eat upon arrival is a great way of avoiding unpleasant surprises. Fortunately, the Philippines offer food for all tastes and, with sites like, you can make holiday planning much easier.

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What characterizes Philippine cuisine?

Filipino cuisine may not be as famous as Vietnamese and Thai cuisine, but that doesn’t mean it’s inferior. On the contrary, with over 7000 islands to draw inspiration from, it stands out through its diversity. Due to their geographic position, the Philippines excel mostly at seafood, so this is one of the countries where you should definitely taste some paella. Rice is also widely used as a side dish, as are noodles and spring rolls (lumpia). As for deserts, they are mostly light and creamy, with vanilla and coconuts, and there are many unique ice-cream varieties. Filipino food is usually light, so you don’t have to worry that your kids won’t feel well afterwards. However, if you want to try something new, there are more interesting options too! In general, influences come from China, Malaysia and Spain, so if you like these three cuisines, Filipino food is a safe bet.

Foods you have to try while in the Philippines

Local cuisine is complex and varied enough that you can eat something different for every meal on a 10-day vacation and still not get bored. There are many things to try, but you can split them into two categories: foods that are safe for kids and foods that are more intense and recommended for adults online. For kids, you can order things such as spring rolls, chicken afritada, cassava cake or Bibingka. As for you, don’t leave without ordering Sinigang, a type of hot soup, Crispy pata, kare-kare or Laing.

How to find the best restaurants in the Philippines

Food culture is huge in the Philippines, so you can find everything from small street stalls to luxurious five-star fusion restaurants. However, to have the best time, you’ll need to do some research and find some nice places with good reviews and a decent price range. Don’t forget to look online and check websites like to find out which are the best restaurants in the Philippines. With so many options to pick from, you might get overwhelmed, so it’s always a good idea to see what other tourists have to say.