Three perfect hair accessories

Your hair style is definitely something that defines you and can make or break your look. It has to match your personality, your face shape and also your clothes. In case you are having trouble finding the perfect haircut, then rest assured because there are plenty of accessories you can use in order to get a neat coiffure. All you have to do is be creative and forget about the traditional loose hair. Here are some of the most common accessories that will help you save the day:

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The headband is a hair accessory that has a great tradition, since it has been present in fashion and hair styling for a long time. Although initially it was associated with teenage and school girls, it came back to public’s attention some years ago, when public figures appeared wearing a headband in different occasions. The accessory gained a huge popularity since it was promoted by fashion icons such as Blair Waldorf (the main character of a teenage series) or actresses like Charlize Theron, on the red carpet. Ever since, women from all around the world use this element to create an elegant yet practical look.



You may think that accessorizing your hair with ribbons is something dull and cheesy, but this is not actually true. As a matter of fact, taking into consideration how versatile this fabric can be, there is basically no look that cannot be adorned with a strategically placed ribbon. Whether you prefer to wear your hair loose, tie it half up-half down, in a (low or up) pony tail or a chic up do, a bow will definitely add a touch of elegance and style. Buy cheap ribbons of different colours and textures and build yourself a collection of pretty hair accessories. The bows can be matched to any style and outfit, so rest assured that your hair will look great no matter what.


Hats or caps

Everyone has days when their hair does not seem to have any shape or form, and this has probably already occurred to you once or twice. That is why you should always make sure your wardrobe includes a stylish hat, cap or beanie, regardless the season. Besides being extremely useful (because it hides a failed hair style), a hat is also very stylish and classy. Add it to your attire and you will obtain an appealing and mysterious result that everybody will admire.